Message from Founder and President

Message from Founder and President


January 16, 2018


Randolph, Ma – As the Founder and the President of this multicultural agency, I had the privilege for the past 14 years to provide services to multiple families from Haiti and countries throughout Africa. They are resilient, strong, and ambitious people full with integrity. As a Haitian who came to this country as a teenager, I have worked hard and added to the economic growth of this country by employing a diverse range of employees. I am taking this opportunity to encourage all immigrants to continue their fight and rise above the latest attacks. You are part of this great nation. Your children and relatives are physicians, lawyers, politicians, nurses, social workers, professionals and paraprofessionals who are making a difference every day. This country belongs to you as well. This nation was built by immigrants and immigrants will continue to be influential to this nation’s growth.

Be strong!

Paula Chrysostome, PH.D, LMHC


About New Life

New Life Counseling and Wellness Center is a Randolph-based mental health organization that has provided comprehensive social services to children and families of the Greater Boston and South Shore community since 2003. The multicultural organization promotes the well-being of individuals, children, youths and families through high quality mental health and social services. The mission is to enrich and empower individuals and families through linguistically appropriate, wholistically driven, and culturally competent services. For more information about New Life call (781) 986-4800.